The Puppy Corner


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Paul and Nell are hopefully expecting puppies in April 2019! If you’re interested in some nice mellow Aussie x collie pups, feel free to contact us to be added to our mailing list, or join our Facebook group!

Litter Policy

Litters may or may not be AKC registered.  If we’re not clear enough about which are and aren’t, please ask!  Price will reflect status of registration, but all parent dogs will have the same level of health testing.  We value our crossbred and backcrossed dogs!

If you’re interested in a Widdershins puppy, please email us and we’ll gladly put you on the puppy mailing list!  Also feel free to email us with any questions you may have.  If you’re interested, we can schedule meet-ups with the parent dogs for people who live close enough or are traveling through NW Washington.

When a litter is born, we begin taking deposits to hold a place in the order of choosing, rather than a specific puppy.  We ask our buyers to hold off on choosing a puppy until the litter is 6 weeks old so we can match personalities with living situations.  It’s risky to choose a home based entirely on looks, since personalities and work drive can vary widely in a litter, so we’ll be there for you with a lot of input about each pup.  We’ll try to find you a puppy who matches your needs AND preferences, but please be willing to consider another pup if that gorgeous sable girl is a headstrong varmint hunter and you’re looking for a mellow pet to play nanny to your kids!

Getting your puppy to you

Not everyone is located close enough to us to pick their puppy up in person, so we’d like to share some shipping methods that have worked well for ourselves and for fellow breeders.

Airlines: We have the good luck to live near SeaTac International Airport, so shipping from our end is very easy.  However, shipping a puppy by air is stressful for everyone involved, so we try to educate our buyers about a few tricks we’ve learned over the years.  First of all, we encourage our buyers to use Alaska, Delta Dash or United if they decide to ship by air.   Alaska and United are our favorites because they regulate their cabin temperatures.  That said, we’ve had nothing but good experience with Delta.  We’ll make sure our buyers have a tracking number, especially in the case of a layover – it’s a great tool for making sure your puppy made it onto his or her next flight.

Ground transportation: We no longer recommend ground transport for pups because the reviews have been coming in and flying appears to be the least stressful option of the two when it comes to the little guys.