Widdershins Temair



Tara is registered PRGN with the American Working Farmcollie Association!

It was time to keep another Squid daughter.  In this case, her mother is Wren, a farm-bred border collie.  I’m very excited by her potential, as her parents are well-matched.  So far, she’s as full of herself as I’d want a Squid daughter to be and has been interested in moving stock since she was seven weeks old.  She’s got a great off-switch like both of her parents, though she loves the mud more than any collie should!  Her response to being corrected for inappropriate herding of livestock has been great thus far – she stops all herding behavior, yet she doesn’t “turn off” altogether and avoid them.  This has meant that even chickens feel safe enough to be next to her, yet if I encourage her to herd, they move for her.  Springtime lambing found her cleaning baby bums and enticing the lambs to chase her.

In the house, she’s a cuddlemonster who wants to be in constant physical contact with whoever’s sharing their chair with her.  Sharing the chair isn’t optional, by the way…

Update 2014: Sometimes breeding plans just aren’t meant to happen.  Tara has retired in luxury in the Portland area.  Her brother Freddy will continue this branch of the family tree.

Tara’s health testing:

  • OFA hips Good (prelim), elbows normal
  • PennHIP 0.22/0.22
  • CEA: normal-eyed carrier by parentage
  • MDR1: mutant/normal
  • Degenerative Myelopathy: Carrier per DDC Veterinary
  • Cyclic Neutropenia: Clear per VetGen
  • Pedigree





Sometimes farmcollies monitor your browser history. :/


goofy puppy


baby Tara trying to tell Bogey what to do (she was more successful with her dad’s help)


doing what she does best