Sasha Ann Moore


Sasha is the girl who started all the madness.  She was originally bought as just a pet, but she had other ideas.  By the time she was a year old, I noticed that our chickens seemed to congregate in her yard.  Eventually I figured out that she had made friends with the lead rooster and had used him to lure all the other chickens to her pen!

I knew collies were supposed to be herding dogs, but I’d never seen the loose-eyed work style paired with guardian instinct before.  She approached her birds with head and tail upright; a higher-up approaching her pack.  She mothered the birds – protected them, slept with them, offered them her food and tried to nurse the chicks.  She never used more force than a bump of the nose, a soft-mouthed pick-up, or a gentle paw to get her charges to move.  I’d never seen anything like it in my life.

She still specializes in chickens, but in a different home, now.  She needed one-on-one attention and work time that she just wasn’t getting because of all the new whippersnappers at our house.  Her new residence is in the Redmond area, where she’s happily living out the rest of her life as an only dog with a passel of poultry to micromanage.

Sasha is AKC registered and has earned her PRGN (Permanent heRding Guarding huNting) from the American Working Farmcollie Association.

Update 2012: Sasha passed away at age 10.  She is sorely missed.

Sasha at age 8 (2010)
In  the words of her new owners: “typical Sasha – having a subtle disagreement
with momma Muscovy over who should be supervising.”
checking in on her birds (2006)
having a quiet moment with her master (2005)