Oscar Riley Moore


The above remains one of my favorite photos of Oscar because it illustrates him so well.  He’s a “velcro” dog through and through!  While he likes the whole family just fine, he is most of all MY dog, and will drop whatever he’s doing, no matter how tempting, to come to me.

There’s definitely nothing soft about this farmcollie mix.  He takes discouragement much better than many and has a hefty talent for understanding what is wanted of him with little input.  He is very attached to his people and intent on understanding our every expression; I’ve never been so scrutinized by a dog as I was when I first brought him home.

He is an exuberant herder, a natural low-heeler with a firm grip that we’ve really had to work on moderating but which comes in handy when he needs to make a point.  Despite this, he loves anything that’s little and will follow it around worriedly like an uncle desperately determined to keep the baby from falling on her bottom.  He will also patiently sit around and allow little ones to chew, climb, claw, and otherwise rip him to bits as he plays with them ever so gently.  He’s come to me on several occasions with battle scars from allowing the puppy or the kitten to use his snout for practice prey.

Oscar’s a noisily effective guard dog; nothing wants to come anywhere near his bell of a voice and he patrols the property religiously.  But what I count on him for the most is helping me find my way back out of the woods after I’ve gotten myself good and lost hunting mushrooms.  It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been out… he will retrace his steps without fail.  The only time he didn’t lead me straight to the road was when we were out with another mushroomer.  I guess he thought he had to find her first.

Update: in 2010, I had to make the difficult decision between continuing to breed and rehoming my heart dog.  Ultimately, I decided to continue my work with the collies I began with.  Oscar now resides in the Redmond area.


 taking it easy


getting whupped by a kitten


…and preened by a peachick 


…but at the end of the day, at least he gets his own couch!