Widdershins Nelly Gwyn


One of our plans from the beginning was to linebreed on Squid.  Nell is the result of these plans!  She is a calm and reserved puppy with the occasional outburst of her great-grandma Gypsy’s wicked sense of humor.  She shares her family’s people-focus, but she is also content to do her own thing when the situation calls for it.  She showed promise in moving livestock at a young age like her mother High Pockets, but is currently growing up cheek-to-jowl with sheep and chickens and only wants to sniff noses and clean rear ends.  We’re hoping she continues her mother’s development pattern of turning the herding instinct back on after learning the rules!  This was exactly what we were looking for when we selected this puppy.

Nell’s health testing results:

  • CEA: Normal-eyed carrier by parentage and CERF exam
  • PRA: Clear by parentage
  • MDR1: mutant/normal
  • DM: Clear by parentage
  • Cyclic Neutropenia: Clear by parentage

the tiniest ball of dog

baby photo!