Salt Creek’s Reflection



Maynard was a very laid-back puppy, constantly surprising people by doing things like dozing through his microchipping.  But he had plenty of energy when it suited him, and he showed a keen interest in his family from a very early age.  He chose Oscar as his personal attendant and teacher, and my children as his “pets.”  As a matter of fact, he’s always been so obsessed with babies that he’s long since earned the moniker “Mother Maynard.”

He was worked with goats from an early age and showed a lot of herding promise in his first year of life, but as time has gone by, he’s settled into more of a guardian role.  He’ll herd if no one else will do it for him, but otherwise he prefers chumming around with his people and animals to being bossy.  He’s got a standard of priorities: if no one’s outside, he will bum around with the goats or the other dogs.  If I walk outside, he will heel wherever I go, his big broad head pressed against my leg whenever possible.  If my kids come outside, though, he’s off like a shot on babysitting duty.  And if there are puppies-!  He’s good for nothing else and is usually ticking their mother off by stealing them.

Which, in an offhand way, leads to his other talent: finding things.  Maybe it’s because he’s usually the one that hides them in the first place, but if something needs to be found, he’s the dog to follow.  Puppy disappeared?  Call Maynard.  Chicken lost?  Let Maynard out and follow him.   I’ve come to depend on his knack for finding things (or being where they are) as much as I depend on Oscar’s backtracking skills.  It’s just another example of how every farmcollie will find a unique niche, given the chance.

Maynard isn’t the easiest dog to take pictures of – he instantly goes from majestic to goony the second he sees a camera in your hand – but he’s the best mover I’ve got right now.  Oscar’s my ultimate test of agility, and Maynard can keep up with him better than anyone else.  He’s also an Optigen-tested noncarrier of CEA.

Update 2010: Maynard has been rehomed with Bella Collies in Oregon.  His new name is Jake, and he will continue to contribute to the Widdershins bloodline from there!



 king of all he surveys – including the plushie toy




playing with pups, age 5 months (that’s Cricket to the left)



lookin’ tough at 7 weeks