Helpful Links

Going to the dogs:

The American Working Farmcollie Association
A great site to start with.  Basic information about farmcollies, contact info for breeders or breed forums/clubs, and a list of registered dogs.

Doesn’t always work these days, but if you can catch it on an “on” day, you will have plenty to read and look at.  More general farmcollie information, as well as a lot of the history behind the dogs and documentation of the beginnings of the AWFA.

Bud Williams’ Stockmanship
One of those informational sites vast enough to get lost in…

The Farmcollie List at UVM
Where a lot of us first started communicating and figuring out what made our dogs so special.  Still occasionally active, it has excellent archives that extend back to 1997.

AWFA on YahooGroups
Another discussion group worth frequenting, especially once you’ve brought your bundle of joy home and realize you need help understanding his/her reactions to different situations.   Also an excellent treasure trove to dig in, this one has archives going back to 2000.

The Seeds
“As long as there is a use, the breed will live.”  Written by a breeder of Australian Shepherds, this cry to preserve genetic diversity applies to ALL breeds.  The need for diversity is why we are willing to breed outside the AKC and other “closed” registries.

Fellow farmcollie-lovers:

Gracehaven Farmcollies
Located in Kingston, WA, these folks have one of my favorite Rough Collie studs as their foundation.

Romany Collies
If you’re interested in farm-type Rough Collies but would prefer your puppy to be AKC registered, these are the people to go to!

Thomas’ English Shepherds
Oscar’s parents live here!  They stick mainly to purebred English Shepherds, but all parent dogs get the chance to prove themselves in an authentic farm situation in Eastern Oregon.

Cimarron and Red Bank
Working English Shepherds in Oklahoma and Wisconsin!  Also a great links page that will lead you to even MORE information.

Specifically about Collies:

The Collie Health Foundation
Important website to visit before deciding to buy a purebred Rough or Smooth Collie or any mixed breed with Collie blood.  Please educate yourself, these are important issues!

If you don’t read anything else on this page, PLEASE READ THIS!!
Drug sensitivity in collie breeds can be life-threatening and some of the drugs on the list may surprise you.  If you’re not sure of your dog’s MDR-1 status, either avoid the drugs on the list or go here to order a test from Washington State University.

Finally, have a good article on the downfalls of invisible electric fencing.  This is definitely worth reading if you’re considering buying one!