Cimarron Vestige Reba



Laali is an English Shepherd hailing from Cimarron English Shepherds in Oklahoma.  She’s linebred on some bloodlines we’ve wanted to work with in person for some time, so this is a very exciting opportunity!  Thank you, Elaine.

So far Laali is a calm but insistent presence on our farm.  She has a smooth gather when it’s time to move sheep, and despite the fact that they don’t yet trust her, she gets them to walk calmly when she moves them. Her biggest lesson to learn at this time is when it’s appropriate to herd!

We are impressed with her biddability and how well she gets along with everyone that she meets.  She will alert when someone drives up, but if there’s an aggressive bone in her body, we have yet to see it.  Laali also lets dog politics wash right over her head, preferring closeness to people over ruling the roost.  She makes a wonderful ambassador dog for her breed.

** UPDATE 2016: The better we got to know Laali, the more we felt she deserved to be a part of a purebred breeding program. As we don’t have the resources to run two breeding programs here, Laali went to a breeder who plans to focus on her lines!

Health testing so far:

MDR1: Mutant/Normal


looking good on Mount Townsend

obligatory puppy picture