High Pockets

Widdershins High Pockets


High Pockets is registered PRGN with the American Working Farmcollie Association!

High Pockets gave me a rough time for awhile as she grew – not because she was difficult to raise, but too easy!  I started to worry that she would never be driven enough to herd.  Then at about 8 months, I started catching her eyeballing the sheep.  And what do you know, she was taking notes as she grew up!   She will move them if they’re in the way of the car or people and she does a passable job keeping them off the porch (we’re still discussing keeping lambs off as well, though-!).  Otherwise, they’re comfortable enough with her that I’ll catch them all sacked out together under the same cedar tree.

She’s a motherly type who lets puppies crawl all over her and lambs try to suckle her.  She’s bombproof with chickens, and actually hasn’t given them a second look since the first time I corrected her for moving them for no reason as a pup.  Needless to say, she’s pretty soft-tempered.  That doesn’t stop her from hunting small vermin and patrolling the property reliably.

Edit 2017: High Pockets is retired from breeding and is now living with a lovely family in Port Angeles, WA!

Her health testing results:

  • CEA: Normal-eyed carrier (per Optigen)
  • PRA: Clear by parentage
  • MDR1: normal/normal
  • DM: Clear by parentage
  • Cyclic Neutropenia: Clear per VetGen
  • PennHIP: .26/.26 DI
  • DMS: 009:01/009:01 aa bb (low risk per Clemson University)
  • Pedigree


hanging with some buddies



lamb nursemaid


showing a glimmer at 7 weeks! Starting out…

…bringing in the straggler…


…aaaand getting puppy ADD!