Salt Creek’s Saturnalia

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Gypsy is registered PRGN with the American Working Farmcollie Association!

Gypsy is a force of nature with an off switch.  When working, she is the most driven purebred rough collie I’ve ever met – yet the minute everyone is where they belong, she is lying happily on her favorite spot on the porch.  In the home, she’s responsive, affectionate, and loves attention in a form that will get her treats.  Once that isn’t forthcoming anymore and the kitchen floor has been thoroughly checked for dropped food, she’s sleeping on the floor next to your feet.

On the job, she’s one bossy girl… I’d probably rate her right up there with Sasha, but with more oomph. Her first introduction to goats resulted in being bowled over by my lead doe, only to jump back in repeatedly as if it were a game.  It took a few months and some more pounds before she could get that goat to respect her, but now all she has to do is look at them to move them.  And just like that, it isn’t a game anymore – she’s keeping them off the driveway or in the backyard, where they belong.

She’s also a header, which is a new one for me.  It’s taken some time for the both of us to figure out how to use this talent.  At this point in time, she’s good for turning animals around (of course) and is learning to walk beside their shoulder to keep them going.  If she grips, she tends to grip noses or nip shoulders.  She’s not afraid to use force, and is high-octane enough that we had to tone her down a lot around the chickens.

Update: Gypsy is spayed and retired from breeding.  She moved to Montana with one of our 2013 puppies to enjoy being one of two, rather than one of five!


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