Widdershins Little Wing



We are keeping another Squid x Clover puppy!  “Frankie” takes strongly after her father, with a higher prey drive and less nurturing instinct than we usually see in our collies.  Being as her dad’s the big guns around here, nobody minds seeing his stunt double!

**UPDATE 2016: Frankie has been retired to pampered pet-dom as we’ve had to down-size our breeding plans.

Health test results:

  • CEA: Normal-eyed carrier by parentage
  • PRA: Clear by parentage
  • MDR1: normal/normal per Gensol and WSU
  • DM: Clear by parentage
  • Cyclic Neutropenia: Clear by parentage
  • Pedigree

pretending to like hiking for me

enjoying a rest with Laali

her preferred “work” style