Cricket Cearley


Sasha’s goofy little girl, Cricket is about as different from her rock-solid mom as imaginable.  She’s adept at soliciting attention, but shows little interest in filling her mother’s shoes as a bird dog.  The current running joke is that she’s a cat in a dog’s body: she doesn’t like to herd or baby livestock, but will greet you by curling around your leg in a most un-canine fashion.

Her name comes from her early days – she was the loudest puppy of the litter.  She grew out of this quickly, but the name stuck.  She’s been a late bloomer, but now that she’s maturing her territorial instincts are starting to kick in.  She spends her days hanging out in the house with the family, and at night she prefers to patrol the property – barking at varmints, or making do with the neighbor’s border collies if woodland trespassers are scarce.  Cricket does show some nice capability in hunting critters that don’t belong on the property, including a confirmed weasel kill.   She will help herd if other dogs are already doing so, and stays behind the stock, which makes her a good team with Gypsy.  She’s soft enough that she won’t push things like goats hard enough to be effective without help, however, and when alone she prefers to watch the stock without intervening.

Update 2011: Cricket was spayed following her 2011 litter and given the chance to be the princess she always knew she was in a new home as an only dog.  She now reigns supreme over her own ten-acre estate.

Update 2017: Cricket passed away just short of her eleventh birthday from a mass on her liver. We will miss this goofy girl.



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 watching very carefully…