Romany-Widdershins Galloping Hatrack



Bones is a co-owned fellow with three moms to watch over him; both of his names are borrowed from the racehorse Exterminator due to a certain resemblance.  While we’d be really surprised if he lived up to his mother’s herding reputation (he’s just not pushy at all), he’s already the best livestock guardian dog we’ve had since Sasha.  Bones is never happier than when surrounded by familiar creatures including any livestock – he’s been known to let the chickens out of the coop for the company and he shares his crate with a duck.  Baby animals flock to him and he’s more than happy to keep watch over them.  He will announce and repel predators by barking and likes to tree small animals that “don’t belong” on the farm.

Bones is reserved at first with strangers, but quickly warms into their new best friend.  He’s been described by visitors as a “dreamboat” and that suits him perfectly.  His sweet nature, soulful eyes and love of babies of any species make him a popular guy, despite his shortcomings as a herding dog.  We feel he has plenty to contribute and look forward to giving him a chance to prove himself as a stud.

Edit 2017: Bones is retired from breeding and enjoying his very own family just down the road!

Bones’ health testing results:

  • CEA: Normal-eyed carrier (per Optigen)
  • rcd2 PRA normal
  • MDR1: normal/normal
  • Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear per DDC Veterinary
  • Cyclic Neutropenia: Carrier per VetGen
  • DMS: 009:01/009:01 Aa bb (low risk per Clemson University)
  • Hips: OFA Excellent
  • Pedigree

caught napping

with a bummer lamb

treeing a squirrel