Romany-Widdershins Wolf Child

bea portrait


Bea is registered PRGN with the American Working Farmcollie Association!

We made the mistake of looking at Bones’ little siblings in 2013 and fell in love with this girl!!  She came home with us shortly thereafter, spent a day or three pretending to be a feral puppy (hence the name), then realized that wasn’t much fun and settled right in.  Bea’s a sharp little critter and is picking up the basics quickly!  She also shows the collie knack of learning by observation – we never actively taught her to sit for attention, but she saw the other dogs getting pets for sitting and wanted in on the action.  She’s cautiously interested in stock, too!  We’re hoping for a good multipurpose collie like her mom.

** EDIT 2016: Bea is headed to Romany Collies for breeding and will most likely be returning to Widdershins for one more litter in 2018. Stay tuned!

Bea is co-owned with Romany Collies.  Her health testing results:

    • OFA hips Excellent (prelim), elbows normal
    • PennHIP 0.25/0.21
    • Mild CH
    • PRA clear
    • MDR1 Drug Sensitivity: normal/normal
    • Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear per DDC Veterinary
    • Cyclic Neutropenia: Carrier per VetGen
    • DMS: 009:01/009:01 Aa bb (low risk per Clemson University)




with Calvin and High Pockets
bea with vesper
playing with kitty toes

cleaning up a messy puppy face

being vicious

with big brother Bones