Widdershins White-Footed Astrid


“White-footed Astrid, -ah, but she is beautiful!-
Nightly seeks the secret of the world in the moon…”

So far, Astrid represents everything we were looking for in our next generation – people-oriented, gentle, easy temperament, fearless.  This puppy is so promising, we wanted to be sure she had every chance to realize her potential.  She lives with a friend in Portland who specializes in dog training and also owns Astrid’s great-aunt Posey Alice.

Astrid is from our crossbreeding project, being 1/4 border collie on her sire’s side. We’re very pleased with where our bid for genetic diversity has taken us so far!

Update 2018: Astrid has raised her litter and is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement from our breeding program.

Her health testing results:

  • CEA: CERF Normal-eyed
  • MDR1: normal/normal by parentage
  • DM: Clear per GenSol
  • Cyclic Neutropenia: Clear per GenSol
  • DMS: 009:01/009:01 aa bb (low risk per Clemson University)

Astrid pink
Pretty in pink

lazing around with Frankie

visiting with her sister Sophie