About Us

Dancing in a different direction from the norm…

Every breeder has an aim.  Ours is a healthy farmcollie that consistently produces good multipurpose working instinct.  We screen for known genetic diseases and test our dogs’ abilities in both group and one-on-one activities on our farm.  We try to represent these as faithfully as possible on each dog’s web page, warts and all.  There’s always room to improve, especially with a breed that has been bred for looks for so long.

We aim for dogs that bond well, working for their owner’s approval instead of treats – this bond is the source of their wish to help out on the farm.  We’re also working on independent thinking, where the dog uses its knowledge of what the rules are in deciding how to act when we’re not around, and drive variability, where the dog can rate the stock and work with them accordingly.  Finally, since it comes in such abundance in the breed we started with, we’re working to preserve the guardian instinct of our dogs.  We want them motherly to the babies, in cahoots with the mamas, and death on varmints!  This mixture has worked very well for us, and we’d like to be able to share it.

In terms of looks, crossbreeding is going to mean there will be more variety than you’d see in purebred litters.  We try to represent the possibilities in each litter as honestly as possible.  Our goal is all things in moderation – medium-sized collies with functional body conformation, a “fitted” coat of non-matting texture, and reasonable head length/width.  But in the end, all of these physical traits must take a back seat to health and working drive.  Just having a dog that moves beautifully won’t get the chickens in the coop!